Hi there, I'm Kate.
Some people say I'm...
Energetic, Enthusiastic, Passionate, Type-A (I call it “organized”), a Music-Lover (with a Spotify addiction), a Dog Lover, a Foodie
Which results in...
An team-player with creative problem solving skills. A strategic, big-picture thinker ready to tackle the next project. A strong sense of pride in and passion for my work. An exceptionally organized and detail-oriented designer. Constantly smiling and abnormally positive, addicted to chocolate.
10 reasons that motivate you to start cooperation with me
I work for the best.
I move in an extremely crowded and competitive industry. Lotte E. Wedel, Pepsico, Społem, Warsaw Aeroclub, Warszawska Wytwórnia Wódek Koneser - these are just a few of the long list of prestigious brands whose trust I have managed to get throughout the years of working in the graphic arts profession.
I am a graduate of...
I am a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts.​​​​​​​ I'm a computer graphic artist. For five years I studied at a prestigious Academy of Fine Arts where I obtained a master diploma in graphic design. I learned to create graphics in accordance with the canons of art and gained invaluable knowledge that I use every day; these give me an absolute advantage over others.
I create projects...
I create projects that bring real profits to my clients.​​​​​​​ I perfectly know what the most important thing in this profession is. That's the reason why I create projects that build the image of my clients' company and help them sell more products or services.
You can see my works...
You can see my works in various parts of the world. There is no greater satisfaction for a graphic designer than the ability to see your work in the real world. You can see my projects in various places from the seas, to the crowded cities, and even to banquets organized by foundations.
I know what works for consumers.
I am not an artist who dances in the clouds, who does not know much about real life. On the contrary - I walk firmly on the ground. I know what projects work on clients very well, what means of expression engage them to act, and finally, what colors help to influence their purchasing decisions.
I dress customers' products with new clothes.
Every consumer buys under the influence of emotions. They are triggered by the senses, mainly by sight. This is why one of the most effective methods of influencing customer purchasing decisions is choosing the right and the most appropriate color scheme. No wonder the biggest brands try to connect their product with a given color or combination of colors. If you want to show customers a new installment of your product, engage a specialist to work with dressing ideas in an attractive graphic design.
I follow the latest trends.
By engaging me, you are guaranteed that what I create for you will be in line with the latest indications of trends in graphic design. Every datail matters.
I'm not afraid of experiments.
The world belongs to the brave! I like to play for high stakes. I do experiment which surprises the audience with something really fresh and unconventional.
I'm constantly learning new things.
I try to learn everything related to my industry at all times. I open and broaden my horizons to create projects that bring public to their knees. I always do my best to be one step ahead of the competition so my clients can set the tone in their industry.
I love what I do.
Yes, I know it is a cliché, but if you want to mean something in this industry, you have to be in love with your work. You have to breathe it every day, wake up with it at dawn, and fall asleep after many hours of creation.
I suspect that I was probably the first child who came into the world holding wax pencils in my tiny hands. My childhood consisted of drawing, painting, cutting out paper, and inventing the most diverse creative play games.
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